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Why Are Animated Videos Popular For Marketing?

Let’s imagine you have three different LED ads plastered on three locations throughout the city, but their topic is the same. They all invite you to visit this incredible destination in the Mediterranean. The differences among these marketing videos are the ways in which they are made: one is computer-generated, which means artificially made via software, the second is a live-action video of the destination, and the third one is custom animation or a cartoon-like composition. Which one do you think will gain the most attention?

If you guessed that the live-action video of the place would stand out, we have to disappoint you. The animated marketing video gained just as much attention and drove even more traffic to the tourist agency. A study has been conducted that confirmed that animated videos have just as much impact on our mental imaging, and they draw even more potential customers than businesses who refrain from using animation in marketing campaigns. The reasons why animated content has driven so much traffic is what we will discuss in this blog post.

The Rise of Animation

So, what are the reasons why animated videos have become so useful as a means of gaining more consumers or clients for your business? We have to go back and see how it all started before we get to the essence of animated marketings.

Animation as a style of making motion pictures began some nine decades ago, but it gained a massive following around the time that Walt Disney introduced his anthropomorphic mouse into the lives of unsuspecting children and grown-ups. Since then, plenty of new animation styles and animated characters followed, but Mickey remained the most prominent one, receiving as many as ten Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Short Film.

Strong Marketing Potential

Pretty soon after taking the world by storm, people realized the marketing potential one such character can hold. He was quirky, unique, and very appealing to all ages. He wasn’t difficult to sell, no matter what product was at question. His popularity was rising, even without a marketing strategy for brand development, such as those we have today. The fact was becoming clear; there wasn’t a more effective marketing tool than a cartoon character.

Social Media Marketing

You must have heard the term before, or at least one of its synonyms: digital marketing has taken over nearly everyone’s marketing endeavors. You may be familiar with content marketing or search engine optimization but cannot say for a fact how they can contribute to your business. So what makes sharing videos on youtube or some other social media channel an effective marketing strategy?

Creating videos for marketing online has become the best way to assure one’s presence in the online world, to target audiences, enrich their business pages, and a lot more. Social media has enormous potential for business development, and one can use all types of content to stay relevant. Video production companies can also help you create a business video, training videos for new employees or educational videos meant for familiarizing your personnel with a new piece of equipment.

Reasons Animation Thrives

The most distinctive, however, is animated video, as it captures most viewers’ attention. Animated videos are perfect for business marketing ventures because they can be an ideal, subtle advertisement vessel. Animation explains complex concepts in a way that’s easy for everyone to grasp. Let’s see the list of the most recognized benefits of animation marketing below:

  • Online video is highly noticeable: Especially in the digital world, scrolling past images is way easier than scrolling past videos. We are all naturally curious to see what happens next, so we stick around to watch the video.

  • Emotional appeal: Cartoon videos resemble the ones from our childhood, which sparks nostalgia and other feelings. This is why animation has such a strong advantage over other types of videos.

  • It’s highly customizable: Animated explainer videos can be made to suit your every need. You can create them any way you like, which is very important when you want to sell a product. You can use sound effects or employ a completely unique style of animation to stand out, such as whiteboard animation in your animated explainer video.

  • Search engines prefer video content: If there were ever a time to take up video marketing, it would be now. Search engines are particularly sensitive and would rather push this content type over image or text.

Hopping On The Trend Train

It may sound like a passing phase. After all, most marketing strategies are short-lived. However, some marketing tools and tricks have outlived their creators, and they continue to bring customers and revenue to the world’s businesses. Video content as a medium is likely to stay relevant for a lot longer, the only difference being the creativity that creators decide to employ. Content creators have a limited number of channels to express themselves, but they have the ability to shift perspectives and come up with new and unique ways of presenting something through a video.


Most people with an insight into the online world or some corners of the digital sphere feel constantly overwhelmed by the amount of content coming their way. However, that does not mean that some content doesn’t stand out. The fact of the matter is, animated content usually does. The best way to get to your customers is to utilize these methods to place your product or service or just maintain the presence of your brand. Give your business the best chance to expand through digital platforms, engage your patrons and customers in a new and exciting way, or educate your employees via animated explainer videos.

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