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What's The Difference Between Animated Videos And Explainer Videos

If you’re thinking about turning your marketing strategy efforts up a notch, then you are looking in the right place. There are many reasons why you would want to delve into animated explainer video production for your company. For one, it’s a sure tactic to boost your online presence, to create brand awareness, and to promote your products and services with animated product demo videos. You can create a very sustainable digital ecosystem just by employing the latest in animated video trends without worrying that they will soon fall out of fashion. We are here to show you the main difference between animated videos and explainer videos, and how you can profit from using them.

What Are Animated Videos?

Animated video is a type of motion graphic that is manipulated by animation software into becoming moving pictures. Video animations are most commonly made by people who are well acquainted with graphic design using their own animation style to tell a story. These videos contain character designs that depend on types of animation. Nowadays, the most common is computer animation, which is created digitally using software. These are usually 2D animation, but over the last several years, 3D animation is gaining more traction as well.

Video production companies have animated over the past seventy years, but animation videos boast increased popularity only over the past two decades. This is, of course, thanks to the advances in technology that brought us animated movies like Shrek, the Lion King, or Avatar. However, the animation craze was not limited to only large-scale box office motion pictures.

What Is An Explainer Video?

Video production companies that were on the rise saw an opportunity in the marketing sector to create a new form of video ads. This is how animated videos became popular and later diverged into demo videos, product explainer videos, branded videos, etc. The essential difference, however, is that explainer videos are types of animations used to explain a product or a service in detail.

Before this trend really took off, the short video format was used in commercials. There are examples where an animated commercial has really stirred the proverbial pot. Since then, there have evolved more types of videos companies can request, depending on their needs and budget. You may want to know more about the creation steps for such a video, so take a look at this explainer video guide.

Animated Commercial Videos

While on the topic of commercial videos, you’ve noticed that they’re everywhere. They’ve moved beyond TV and besieged nearly every medium, from the video games on our phones to a random blog post or landing pages of your bank’s online portal. We can’t even sit down and watch the latest Tech Insider video without being interrupted by one, or more recently, two commercials right before the Youtube video starts.

Video ads have truly taken over our social media, and they seem to never go away. This, however, is very good news for businesses, video marketers will tell you. If you’re planning a marketing campaign and wondering where to get your marketing tips, we may very well have some for you right here.

Using Animated Explainer Videos For Marketing

First of all, of course, you’ll need a video strategy. Choose a video type and then choose the way you will present your call to action. Out of all video types that are out there, the animation style commercial videos are gaining the most traffic. If you choose an animated explainer video to be the highlight of your next campaign, this piece is more likely to be noticed compared to other video styles, such as live-action branded videos, or a simple sales video. This is because animated explainer video content has certain advantages:

  • It’s very good at explaining complex details in a few frames since it is very customizable. You don’t need to use text or lengthy video scripts to describe something you can simply show via a custom animated video. You can see explainer video examples here.

  • Marketing videos need to be made to target audiences that are more likely to use your product or service. With animated explainers, the target audience is increased, as this visual is equally appealing to both younger and older generations.

  • Once you buy into this idea, you can use this video software for creating anything from corporate videos, training videos, an explainer video guide, or brand stories to dozens of different video materials you can use in your future business endeavors. The range of applications for video content goes well beyond product demos and marketing campaigns.

Streaming For Business

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to a certain type of explainer video. There are other video examples, such as testimonial videos, that are best achieved with actors and live-action videos. You can even take a chance without the explainer video production and do a facebook video where you explain your product. This, however, we only suggest to those businesses with a large following. There are some related articles on how to use Facebook live that we believe will be of help.


Facebook live, along with Instagram posts and other social platforms, has created a unique channel for brands to become universally known without breaking the marketing budget. Not only is this a financially sound solution, but the digital marketing world is only developing and becoming more widespread. As time goes by, content marketers will become more sought after, and short video content and animated marketing videos are likely to rule the social media world for decades to come.

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