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What Are the Best Uses for Animated Videos in Business?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Even the best products and services fail to get the attention they deserve when they are aren’t marketed well. One of the best ways to create buzz around your business, persuade your audience, and capture their attention is through entertainment – and what’s more entertaining than an animated video?

Animated videos are eye-catching, and they are easy to understand and digest. They appeal to just about everyone, regardless of demographic. They are effective storytelling tools for any product or service and great for humanizing your brand. And best of all, you can use your animated videos across a variety of venues and channels – from your website and social media to signages and billboards. Videos are also SEO boosters. According to research by Forrester, you can achieve a page 1 ranking on Google 50x more easily with a video.

But before you dive into animated video creation, remember there are different types of animated videos. Each type of animated video can help you achieve specific results. In this guide, we will talk about the best uses for animated videos for your business.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help you tell your brand story, clarify the objectives of your product or service, and showcase your personality.

Even the most complex concepts can be explained in an easily digestible and visually entertaining way with animated videos. Animated explainer videos are not only cheaper to make than live-action explainer videos, but you get more freedom to present your brand in the way that you’ve envisioned.

Explainer videos are one of the most versatile types of animated videos. You can use yours on your homepage just above the fold to grab visitors’ attention. Placing your animated explainer video on your landing page is also a great way to increase average visit time and reduce the bounce rate. Other channels where you can use your animated explainer videos are presentations, sales pitches, and trainings. They’re also effective marketing and branding tools and should be used on social media, email marketing campaigns, and blogs.

Video Infographics

Infographics are excellent for conveying statistics, figures, and facts. The format is easily digestible and memorable. But when you convert infographics into animated video format, you inject more fun and entertainment that keeps the audience engaged for longer. It’s also the best to turn the data on the infographic into a multi-dimensional story that involves relatable characters, emotion, and your brand message.

By presenting your data in a visually appealing manner, your audience will absorb the information better. Animating charts, numbers, and other data with the right colors and text is an excellent way to engage customers, prospects, shareholders, and board members. Video infographics are compelling and easily scanned. Because they’re attractive, they’re more likely to be shared and attract engagement. They will also help you generate more social activity and links.

Animated Product Demo

Product demo videos are informative and memorable. While an explainer video helps tell the story behind your product, a product demo video shows the viewer the practical usage of your products and how they solve a problem. They highlight how the consumer will benefit from the product or service by showing off its key features.

Demo videos are ideal for showing viewers early in their buyer’s journey. The sooner they see how your product works and how it benefits them, the more likely they will proceed with a purchase or a desired action, such as sign up for your mailing list to get updates. This means including your animated product demos in your blog posts and posting them on YouTube and social media.

Animated Training Videos

Animated training videos can be shown during onboarding, training, and any time someone on the team needs a refresher.

When you train employees in the traditional classroom way, you invest in the instructor and training materials. Your employees may even need to travel to the facility or the instructor to the site. With training videos, you can simply play the video for trainees. Therefore, using animated training videos can help you keep business costs down.

Because animated training videos are more engaging, giving employees instructions on how to perform processes is made easier. When it comes to comprehending complex procedures, humans are visual and auditory learners. To fully understand how to perform a task, they need to see and hear how it’s done.

Health and safety videos also fall under training videos. Your industry may mean employees will be exposed to potential hazards due to the work environment, equipment, procedures, and so on. Instead of creating a live-action health and safety video that could potentially put your actors in real danger, you can animate the scenarios to show new employees what will happen if they don’t follow safety rules and regulations. For example, animating a fire or a flood is far better and safer than deliberately causing your facility to burn or flooding it with water just to get realistic footage for your video.

Tutorial Animations

Text alone won’t help your customers understand the inner workings of your product. And while instructions in text may seem complete and comprehensive, most people don’t want to have to study literature before they can enjoy their purchase.

If you have a product that’s complicated to use, such as software, animated tutorials can help you break down complex information and show customers how to use your product. When you pair learning information with visuals such as a tutorial video, you can expect retention levels to increase. Studies show that people typically only recall 20% of what they’ve read, while they retain 80% of what they see and do. And when you use buyer personas as the characters in your video, your target audience will relate to it more because they can identify with the stars of the animation.

The best part about animated video is that beyond its different applications, animated videos also come in various formats, such as 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and motion graphics. These options allow you to find the animated video type and style that stays true to your branding.

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