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What are the Advantages of Using Augmented Reality in Your Business?

When augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) technologies began to emerge in the marketplace, most people thought that these technologies would affect video game development. However, the application of this technology has proven to be more than that. AR games were something new in the gaming industry, but people have yet to understand its capabilities in business. This immersive AR technology will help deliver better productivity and safety for companies and lead the way for various business operations.

China and the U.S: are currently leading the augmented reality (AR) implementation race since more than 50% of companies in these two countries are already utilizing AR technology for their business operations. If you have driven a vehicle with a windshield speedometer display, scanned an Ikea catalog with your smartphone using the Ikea AR app, or used a social media filter (e.g., Snapchat, Instagram, or Messenger), then you are already familiar with augmented reality. While the virtual reality (VR) replaces the real-life environment with a simulated one, AR tech adds to the physical world a 3D model of your design.

For example, Ikea’s augmented reality app allows customers to try out different pieces of furniture from their seasonal collections in their homes, without having to leave to go to the store. This has taken interior design to another level, while their customers’ experience is unmatched to the one their competitors provide. The real estate industry can also greatly benefit from augmented reality, allowing future homeowners to get 3D views of buildings and amenities with animation, landscaping, textures, and colors. They can see 3D floor plans, images, locations, etc.

The main function of AR is integrating digital information with the real-world environment in real-time through the addition of sound, graphics, or haptic feedback to the natural world. It is able to combine the physical world with a superimposed animation or image using special headgear or smartphone’s camera. Smart companies driven with IoT advancements can benefit from specific use cases where augmented reality for business can add to their competitive advantage. Discussing the business application of AR, let us take at some advantages and benefits of augmented reality to grow your business.

What Advantages Can Augmented Reality Bring to Your Business?

  • Augmented reality opportunities for personalization. Businesses get an opportunity to express their individuality by creating something unique. That way, they can express their brand in a far more engaging way than they can with standard media content.

  • Maintaining customer retention through increased interactivity. By providing highly engaging and exciting content, you will motivate your users to interact with your business mobile app over and over again.

  • Unique and noticeable technology. Since AR technology is still in its infancy and not that ubiquitous, you have more chances to create a buzz and surprise your customers with something your competitors don’t have.

  • Improved content quality. Without AR, your users wouldn’t be able to create the kind of content they can with your AR app. When it comes to crafting brilliant mobile applications, AR has proven to be exceptional.

  • More virality. With a unique AR app, the ability to create engaging content, and some social sharing and word of mouth, you can increase the acquisition of new customers. The novelty factor associated with AR can play a critical role in enhancing your users’ desire to share it with others. Augmented reality can help your company achieve virality, and that’s priceless for building your brand.

Besides new and more engaging user experience, AR applications can facilitate new opportunities for innovation. Since AR is slowly becoming an integral part of everyday life, mastering AR for your business needs is worth the investment. AR will also lead to:

  • Higher customization levels

  • Deeper engagement with the brand

  • On-the-go’ experiences

  • Greater publicity

  • Increased sales thanks to eliminated doubts about the practicability of purchase

  • Improved employee training effectiveness due to work process visualization

Visualizing in 3D

AR can help in three-dimensional thinking. For example, ads are typically displayed on two-dimensional interfaces on several display networks. The AR technology takes this to a new level because it has opened a wide range of possibilities through the addition of another dimension to your company’s digital marketing campaign. AR allows users to visualize your ads or offerings in 3D. In the retail industry, harnessing AR tech innovation to provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience will soon be essential to success.

Memorable Marketing Campaigns are Invaluable

There are many veteran marketers out there aiming to make a memorable campaign since their day one in the marketing business. Not many of them achieve that, probably because of weak content and faulty execution. Augmented reality has a vibe of novelty, progress, and futurism that people find attractive. It awakens curiosity and intrigues because it makes people speak about it, wondering how it works. It’s a great tool that makes marketing campaigns go viral.

Add to Content Personalization

Another advantage of augmented reality for business is that it can bring much value to any business includes content personalization. No content is more enthralling and engaging that personalized content. Augmented reality brings this benefit that is unmatched by any other technology in the same realm. Since augmented reality solutions integrate rich analytics of social media and web, they are a foundation for understanding your user behavior and content preferences. If you want to create and publish personalized content and bring interactivity to another level, AR can play an essential role.

What Types of Augmented Reality Technologies are Available to Businesses?

  • AR headsets and smart glasses

Smart glasses, such as Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens, are a very popular and practical tool for augmented reality technology. For example, Microsoft HoloLens is a device with impressive capabilities, such as outstandingly high performance, networking with other HoloLens devices, and identifying 3D objects. You can put the glasses on and see the superimposition of virtual objects on the physical world around you.

  • Augmented reality apps for Android and iPhone

The most popular way to use augmented reality technology is AR for mobile. It is because almost everyone has a mobile device, and it is projected that mobile AR apps will increase to about 2 billion monthly active users by 2022. When it comes to deciding which tool for AR app development your business should use, it all comes down to your mobile app functionality. You can also go with third-party software development kits, such as Kudan, EasyAR, Wikitude, and Vuforia.

  • WebAR

WebAR is an information-rich and responsive website that’s enhanced with augmented reality content. To integrate AR features into the desktop and mobile web via a browser, you must ensure that the mobile browser is compatible with AR hardware components and that supports web-based AR framework.

Virtual and augmented realities are going to change business as we know it today. The AR technology is still a bit crude, and mobile development companies are considered instrumental in improving the use of augmented reality technology. We expect its fast evolution and development because of some key drivers, such as increasing Internet speed and an increasing number of mobile devices and their functionalities. If you are considering to get started with an AR app that will help increase brand awareness, become a part of a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy, and ultimately bring in more business revenue – the best time to get started is today. Hop on the bandwagon as soon as possible, and you will benefit in the long run.

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