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The Role That Buyer Personas Play in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Understanding your audience’s needs, motivations, and preferences is one of the most important elements of any marketing strategy, especially video marketing. For your marketing campaigns to be effective, your video content needs to speak directly to your target audience and align with their customer journey. To do this, content creation should be guided by a buyer persona.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character that you create based on data from your existing customers, market research, and stakeholders. As the detailed representation of your ideal customer, buyer personas help you create content that your prospective customers will understand and respond to because they find it relatable. Therefore, a buyer persona should encompass everything from demographics, educational background, and career history to hobbies, and so on. Personas should involve challenges or pain points, goals, and motivations.

Using a Buyer Persona to Guide Your Video Content Creation

Adopting video as part of your content marketing strategy comes with many benefits but only when done right. By tailoring your content to your buyer persona, you attract more visitors and spark engagement.

Buyer personas help you visualize your customers and understand their needs and wants, allowing you to set the right tone that you will use throughout your marketing. Well-developed buyer personas should identify where customers spend their time, the social networks they use, and how they engage with your company and brand. When you know where your prospects spend their time, you know where and how to target them.

Insight into buyers’ behavior allows you to create more effective, targeted videos by helping you determine the right video style. Not all videos are created equal; there are live-action videos, 2D and 3D animations, whiteboard videos, motion graphics, and so on. Certain video styles appeal more to specific demographics and industries.

Knowing your target audience’s preferences will also help you choose video elements that resonate with your viewers, including language, visuals, background music, voice for voice-overs, and the overall tone of the video. For example, if your buyer persona represents C-level executives, your videos may need to have a more formal tone and style. If your persona is a younger demographic from a creative industry, your videos may need to be casual and upbeat.

Buyer personas don’t just help you decide what type of video to create, but they also guide you in creating the script, storyline, message, and call-to-action. For example, if your persona is a working mom, your videos may need to focus on family values and demonstrate how your product or service helps them achieve work-life balance. And if your persona is a technical decision-maker, your video should be industry-specific and focus on leadership and innovation.

Ultimately, your marketing videos are only effective when your target audience can relate to your videos. They should cause the viewers to feel a connection powerful enough to evoke emotion or encourage a desired action. At CG Studios, we’ve been producing high-quality, creative animated content since 1991. We know how critical buyer personas are in the video creation process. If you’re ready to make an impact with video marketing, contact us at info@CGStudiosLLC.com or call us at 314-743-1050.