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How Do Animated Videos Benefit Businesses?

If you’re looking to expand the marketing efforts of your company, you may be considering employing a creative board. While we can’t tell you your specific needs, each business needs a marketing department or at least one person devoted to creating digital content. Videos have recently become the most valuable online content, and they will likely stay relevant for a long time. This has paved the way for production companies and businesses to invest in video marketing. The most popular of these video formats is animated videos for business. These facts imply that animated videos benefit businesses, but you will still need to know how and why if you want to raise awareness of your brand.

Resources and Marketing

One of the most efficient ways to sell your brand on the digital market is through consistent but not overwhelming content creation. However, managing content nowadays is a lot more than Photoshop and a video maker. Even as a small business owner, your aims have to be higher, and a video for business needs to look professional. For your brand and business to be recognized, there has to be a clear marketing strategy in front of you and a video editor or an animation maker creating professional videos according to your vision and brand identity.

However, even with the tools to create animated content at your fingertips, you may not yet know what you want or need to successfully promote your brand. We would like to be your marketing assistant and show you the benefits of using educational animated videos for promotion.

Cost-efficient content

Animated and other types of videos are, in the long run, very cost-efficient. You may not see it now, as employing a content creator or a full creative board doesn’t come cheap. But ultimately, this does pay off and benefit you in many of your other digital marketing campaigns, sites, promotions, etc. The videos are created through a video template that is easily recognizable. Once published, the video content stays online forever, and it doesn’t get old soon. This way of advertising has many advantages over traditional marketing efforts, and that is why so many small and mid-size companies choose to only invest their funds towards marketing videos.

If you still have reservations about employing a marketing assistant, follow some of your competitors on social media. You will likely notice many of them turning to Facebook Ads, Instagram paid posts and sharing campaigns. Using very cheap marketing solutions that are offered by social media platforms will not cost you anything, but it will drastically improve your brand presence and recognizability. The only thing you should worry about is the quality of content and optimizing video captions so that they are easily picked up by search engines.

Types of Animated Videos and Content Quality

The terming ‘stock photos’ and ‘stock content’ has recently become synonymous with a lack of imagination and cheap marketing efforts. There are not too many stock videos that you can purchase that will get your message across, and the use of this content implies you are no different than others, as so many people use them. If you want your business to stand out, avoid paying for online libraries subscriptions and turn to an expert for quality videos. You can also turn to an agency if you wish to get a more powerful reach on social media. Whatever you do, be original and use high-quality resources.

There are more than a dozen types of video content, but the ones you will likely be interested in do not involve all of them. Leaving vlogs and live-streams aside, we will dive into some animation videos that will be of strong business value:

1. Highly Customizable

What makes animation so advanced among types of business video production? In animation, you’re able to create nearly anything and customize the video to be everything you need it to be. It will be highly effective at explaining certain products or services, for example. You won’t need to go around looking for actors. Animated tutorials will give them just as much information, but they will cost you less.

2. Effective

In digital marketing, the content should be short and gripping. You only have a small window to grab the attention of a person who is scrolling through a feed, and you need to grasp their attention before they move on. Animated explainer videos can resemble a cartoon, and this triggers emotions that are highly beneficial for creating brand awareness. However, you should be careful not to overdo it. Don’t pitch sales in every video; look into more subtle ways of promoting through video.

3. Easy to understand

If you are making a promotional video with animation, there is not much that can get complicated. The video itself should not be stuffed with words and sentences but made to look concise and showcase only important phrases. It is especially useful for presentations or explaining internal procedures in such a way that everyone can understand. These can be the demo videos, tutorial videos, or explainer videos for your employees; these are also referred to as corporate videos. There are also marketing-oriented ones, such as promo videos, product demos or product videos, video infographics, and the rest.

World of Online Animation

You may be thinking that you’ve never come across such a marketing strategy. However, we are almost certain that you are mistaken, as many video animation companies will confirm. On the off chance that you haven’t seen a single CrashCourse, The Infographics Show, Half as Interesting, or a Wendover Production video, all of them fall into a category of explainer video and rack up millions of views per clip. And these are just the ones you can follow on Youtube. There are plenty of other online animation content pieces, such as whiteboard animation, for example, that have surely come up on your Instagram feed. These can be promotional or not business videos at all, but the truth is, they are a very popular type of content.


If your animation maker is sufficiently inspired, or your video production company has a very cool idea for your brand, your business may even go viral. Even though this is unlikely to happen organically, there have been instances of tremendous marketing campaigns that have taken the world by storm with their video animation ingenuity. For the best results, inspire internal communication, brainstorm with your marketing team, and focus your efforts on video editing to get the most out of the digital market.

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