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5 Ways to Utilize Video and Animation in Your Marketing

Video and animation are powerful communication tools, allowing you to tell your stories visually. Videos and animation will enable you to establish a connection with your audience, gain their empathy, and engage on a more meaningful level.

Because videos and animation can help you increase conversion and exposure, they are necessary for any good marketing strategy. Here are five ways to utilize video and animation in your marketing:

1. Animated Explainer Videos

Studies show that the majority of people are visual learners as vision is our most dominant sense. Explainer or tutorial videos are ideal for homepages and landing pages, particularly if you’re launching a new product or service. According to Video Marketing Statistics of 2019, 96% of people say they turn to explainer videos when they need to learn more about a product or service.

2. Customer Video Testimonials

Customer testimonials help build trust and credibility because they’re not “salesy.” Your audience will perceive them as more unbiased and truthful because they’re not written in your brand voice. Instead, they are given by customers who have had real experience with your products or services. In video form, customer testimonials feel more authentic as it’s easy to spot if they’re scripted or overly edited to change the message.

3. Storytelling Videos

Like any good story, your storytelling videos should have a plot, a purpose, and an intended audience. Storytelling videos are great for your branding. They make your company memorable, relatable, and more human. The purpose of your storytelling videos may be to inspire your audience, educate viewers on product features, share your company’s beginnings, and so on. Whatever the purpose of your storytelling video, the key is to relate your brand to the audience by engaging their senses to evoke emotions.

4. Product Demo Video

Product demo videos shouldn’t be confused with explainer or tutorial videos. Product demos are created with a goal; it could be to build brand awareness, encourage a purchase, invite people to sign up for a subscription, or educate. Product demos not only explain the purpose of the product, but they highlight its practical usage and how having it will benefit the consumer. To connect with the audience, you can use humor or emotion while demonstrating that the product does what it claims and showing off the product’s key features.

5. Meet the Team Video

Meet the Team videos give your audience a sense of your company’s values and mission. By showcasing your company culture, you humanize your brand to consumers, which forms deeper connections and strengthens brand loyalty. To maximize your Meet the Team videos, publish them as a series on social media, or feature them in your newsletters.

Meet the Team videos also improve employer branding that helps your organization attract top talent. Strong team videos can become part of your recruitment strategy and onboarding process to instill team spirit and pride in the company.

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